Young adults with diabetes require new approaches to education

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Young adults ages 18 to 26 with type 1 diabetes have an average A1C that is significantly higher than what American Diabetes Association guidelines call for, and the A1C percentage is trending higher … [Read more...]

Food banks, community clinics partner to address diabetes

Four breakout session speakers will highlight how their food banks have partnered with healthcare organizations in their communities to identify low-income people with diabetes, and provide them with … [Read more...]

Session offers guidance for patient behavior therapy 


All too often, diabetes educators encounter patients who for any number of reasons have difficulty with diabetes self-management. And educators tirelessly work to facilitate lifestyle modification to … [Read more...]

Mobile health, telehealth care can increase access to diabetes education, expand practice

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With the growing use of mobile phones and tablets, diabetes educators have an opportunity to increase patient access to diabetes education and expand their practices by engaging in telehealth care and … [Read more...]

Session leaders aim to bridge generation gap in teaching AADE7

Persons in different generations with diabetes appear to learn in different ways, and diabetes educators need to understand how to adapt the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors™ to various generations of … [Read more...]

DSME program strengthens patient-centered medical home


Diabetes self-management education (DSME) can play a key role in strengthening the patient-centered medical home healthcare delivery model that emphasizes care coordination and communication to … [Read more...]

Metformin has beneficial effects beyond diabetes management

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Metformin is widely used as the antidiabetic drug of choice for people with type 2 diabetes, but it also may have benefits in protecting against cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, and … [Read more...]

Experts clarify roles of healthcare professionals under the ACA


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has support from AADE and several other professional organizations, but work remains to make it work better for diabetes educators, physicians, nurses, dietitians, and … [Read more...]

Diabetes educators positioned to lead in new era

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Just as advances in medicine are changing the treatment of patients with diabetes, advances in academia are changing the development of diabetes educators and their paths to leadership in medicine, … [Read more...]

Professionals can learn from patients online

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"Social media” often has negative connotations of insensitive tweets and postings about what someone had for dinner. In the community of persons with diabetes, though, “social media” has become a … [Read more...]